We provide advice and assurance from the hostile perspective (also known as red teaming), taking back the initiative and giving our clients focused, effective and proportionate solutions.


Our Hostile Perspective Vulnerability Assessments are focused exclusively on realistic adversarial options. This is an end-to-end process, replicating the hostile’s behaviour and decision making processes through online research, physical reconnaissance and insider exploitation.  It encompasses all threat vectors and provides our clients with the knowledge and advice to counter hostile activity.


Our SAT™ (Security Assurance Tests) can then audit the implementation of our recommendations and assure the client that their processes continue to be effective.   


As part of our assessments, we also provide: 


  • HAP® (Hostile Activity Projection), a graphical guide to disrupting reconnaissance.


  • AVA®  (Action Viability Analysis), the visual representation of the hostile decision making process.


  • HID™ (Hostile Influence Database), a scientific collection of data acquired from our hostile team that permits detailed analysis of how security measures influence the hostile.


Cerastes will also provide ongoing support in the form of education and operational assistance.

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