Cerastes provides specialised advice from the hostile's perspective. This unique capability is provided by accurately replicating the specific threats our clients face. This gives a realistic understanding of their vulnerabilities and shows how the hostile will target them, providing focused, effective and proportionate solutions.


This approach allows you to influence the hostile reconnaissance and planning stages of any action. Our services give our clients the initiative to disrupt hostile reconnaissance through deterrence and detection.


UK based, with a global reach, Cerastes provides expert and unique services to a wide variety of clients, ranging from Governments, Critical National Infrastructure, Corporations, High Net Worth individuals and other security companies.

Only through gaining a deep and thorough understanding of the adversary, seeing the threat from their perspective, is it possible to identify vulnerabilities – this exclusive knowledge and insight is used to implement countermeasures.


Cerastes maintains this understanding of all threats, gained through the extensive knowledge, experience and insight of our team and continuous research into emerging threats. This is delivered through Consultancy, Operations and Training.

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